Be alerted in real time of pollution in your maritime space!

What’s the point? You want to improve your coast's protection, SeeOnSeaAlert allows you to anticipate the arrival of pollution!

To whom is this service addressed? You represent a company or organization in charge of marine or river pollution control, SeeOnSeaAlert will help you!

What does this service bring you? Increased monitoring since any user in any country will be able to report pollution with precise coordinates.

Strength of SeeOnSeaAlert: It will allow you a faster response thanks to an instant alert, even if the pollution is reported beyond the 300m band.

The video below shows the instantaneousness of sending a message when reporting a pollution:

Security: The concept is simple and secure, the report of a pollution is immediately communicated to your municipality's services concerned by any means of your choice (email, sms, etc.).

Easy to set up: Simply indicate the reporting method by giving an email (or several) and/or a telephone number (or several).

Configurable: You can change means of communication at any time.

Quality of accompaniment: Our team is specialized in the creation and maintenance of software. With over 30 years of experience, the quality of our service is our priority.


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