About us

Once upon a time in the Mediterranean Sea
summer 2020 on a sailboat,
a skipper: «The boaters are missing a concept...
When I go to sea, I cannot imagine in advance what I will encounter »
Laurent : « Indeed it is not practical. We have to find a solution. »
The Skipper : « Is it possible to create a sharing tool to help yachtsmen ? »
Laurent : « I'm going to think about it with my fellow engineers »


Birth of SeeOnSea

As a child, I grew up by the sea. Passionate about diving since always it is therefore quite natural that I became... computer scientist!

Surfing the web and browsing specialized sites, I found the theoretical resources far too limited. I started to dream of an application, allowing to share cards and data, in order to optimize my apnea outings.

A crate of citrus fruit in range (scurvy is the worst enemy of the computer scientist pizza eater) I rushed, the wind of innovation inflating my keyboard, in the development of the hoped-for app . Faced with a storm of bugs and a headwind of paperwork, I stayed the course.

Aiming for new professional horizons. To finally reach the coveted shore of successful start-ups. A stopover at the port and 6 months later SeeOnSea was born .

Far from being premature, this project is the culmination of the hard work of a brave and visionary crew. Accumulating the knowledge of thousands of forbans in your smartphone. To sail in peace and share your discoveries with sailors around the world.