SeeOnsea adapts marine professionals needs !

What's that for? With SeeOnSeaPro everything is possible, since it allows:

• To add your own features;

• To develop complementary applications;

• Adapt the database by integrating new information (acoustic, seismic, ...);

• Integrate new species or types of observations;

• Configure and filter access to the application;

• Adapt the presentation and display of data.

Who is this product for? You represent a company or organization that is looking for a professional tool, flexible and pleasant to use, you saw SeeOnSea and you wonder if it can be adapted to your activity, the answer is yes!

What does this product bring you? It allows you to have a modern and scalable tool that will perfectly meet your needs by relying on the infinite possibilities of the public version (Web and mobile versions).

SeeOnSeaPro Strength: Since its creation the application has been designed to adapt at a lower cost to any kind of demand.

The video below shows specific species created for one of our customers:

The video below shows a complementary application created for one of our clients that aims to introduce visitors to the species of a marine reserve:

Security: The application overlay and your data are secure in the cloud with limited accounts and access that you manage.

Easy to set up: Our methodology is controlled, it follows a well-defined process:

• Setting up Specifications defining your expectations;

• Phase of proposals (screens, colors, etc.);

• Design/construction of the desired model;

• Provision of the Recipe environment for you to validate the version;

• Setting up the Production and Launch environment.

Evolutive: Your application will correspond to your needs while having the possibility to make it evolve at your own pace.

Quality of accompaniment: Our team is specialized in the creation and maintenance of software. With over 30 years of experience, our service's quality is our priority.

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