The concept is oriented towards the General Public for the enhancement of the environment through the sharing of Observations

5 types of Observations are possible:

  • Wildlife;
  • flora;
  • Natural phenomena (driftwood, volcanic eruption, tornado, iceberg...);
  • The human footprint (pollution, drift net, container, wreck, piracy...);
  • Remarkable sites (statue, ruin, drop-off, natural spring, ...).

SeeOnSea provides two applications allowing the sharing of Observations usable anywhere in the world.These free applications exist in Web and Mobile versions on Apple Store Google PlayStore.

...for the sea, oceans, coasts and aquatic environments

...for the land version including hikes

Their main functions :

  • The creation of Observations in public private mode;
  • The possibility of displacement for 24h of an Observation created by oneself in order to record the direction Observing;
  • Any Observation created is visible to all unless it was saved in private mode;
  • Everyone canconfirm have seen an Observation;
  • A mini wiki integrated offers additional information on each Observation (text and photos);
  • Aintuitive searchwith seasonality;
  • A real one multi language;
  • Multiple layers of presentations (relief, bathymetry, maritime traffic, wrecks, protected areas...) and options to discover.

  • The first connection is made in guest mode(« Unknown ») to give you direct access to the map and Observations;
  • For more features , create an account by clicking in the menu;
  • Account creation is free, just an email address.

SeeOnSea's goal is to enable as many people in the world as possible to better know our environment to better protect it.

How? By participating and having knowledge from the professional world. At any time you will be able to see the Observation created by someone on the other side of the planet, a species that you may never see and on which a lot of information will be offered to you.

The environmental value of the project is based on two points:

  • Showing the richness of the world through its biodiversity;
  • Disseminate knowledge to raise public awareness of human damage and rectify behavior, promote ecological transition and promote citizen mobilization.

  • The project is scalable. Join the SeeOnSea community by using the app and following us on social media!

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