SeeOnSea creats and makes available an application allowing the observations sharing usable all over the world.

This free application exists in versions Mobile and Web.

The Concept

The concept is based on the sharing with the general public of observations made in aquatic environments (seas and oceans but also lakes and rivers).

The target territory corresponds not only to French marine spaces and their coastlines, but also to all the seas and oceans of the world.

Its dissemination and reach are intended to reach the general public as well as professionals.

This concept of observation sharing is being extended to hikes all over the world.

5 Observations types are possible :

• The wildlife;
• The flora;
• The natural phenomena (meteorite, floating wood, volcanic eruption, tornado, iceberg, etc.);
The human footprint (pollution, drift net, statue, container, wreck, pirate, disaster site, ruin, beacon, etc.);
• The remarkable sites (statue, ruin, fall, natural spring, etc.).

The Application

Its main functions are:

• The creation of Observations in public or private mode;
• The possibility of moving an Observation created by oneself for 24 hours in order to record the direction of the Observation;
Any Observation created is visible to everyone unless it has been saved in private mode;
• Everyone can confirm having seen an Observation;
An integrated mini-wiki offers on each Observation additional information (text and photos) from Wikipedia;
• An intuitive search including seasonality.

In addition to the basic functions of the concept the application also includes:

• An offline mode;
• A real multi language;
• The signaling of other users with internal mail;
• Multiple layers of presentation (relief, bathymetry, marine traffic, wrecks, protected areas, etc.) and many options to discover.


(Live web)


Its Use

The application was designed for intuitive use, with a quick and easy grip.

However, one User Guide is included in the application.


The first connection is made in guest mode («Unknown») to give you direct access to the map and the Observations.

To have more features you will need to create an account by clicking on the menu like this:


The creation of an account is free and just an email address.

The differences between the guest mode and the free account are summarized below:


Why this Project?

Multiple projects exist proposing to record observations:

1. They all have a specialty: marine mammals or sharks or containers or drifting nets or pollution or other;
2. Their applications make it possible to record these observations in databases for study purposes by scientists and experts;
3. They are all geographically limited.

What SeeOnSea offers is unique because you will be able to record your Observations and see those of others, without geographical limits and for any type of Observation.

With SeeOnSea these Observations are displayed directly on a map instantly and are finally visible to the general public!

The Objectives

The goal of SeeOnSea is to enable the greatest number of people in the world to better know our environment to better protect it.

How? By participating and exchanging information. At any time you will be able to see the Observation created by someone on the other side of the planet, a species you may never see and on which you will have a lot of information.

The Environmental Value of the Project stands in two points:

• Show the wealth of the world through its biodiversity;
• Disseminate knowledge to raise public awareness about the damage of pollution in order to correct behaviour, promote ecological transition and promote citizen mobilization.

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