Join the adventure and follow your experience with SeeOnTrail, the terrestrial version of SeeOnSea. The concept is the same and the use is focused on mountains and open spaces.

For all lovers of outdoor activity, we finally offer you a solution that will soon be the indispensable tool to accompany you whatever your practice. You will find for example:

  • The water points;
  • Fauna and flora;
  • Natural events (landslide, blocked path, difficult passage, ...);
  • The great hiking trails.

  •  intégration du plugin liveSeeOnTrail

    SeeOnTrail is a free web and mobile application. An offline mode allows its use in areas not covered.

    You choose to share or not your observations, putting them in public or private mode to reserve them for a group.


    Who is SeeOnTrail for? You are a:

    • Hiker;

    • Trekker;

    • Mountaineer.

    You practice:

    • Trail;

    • Climbing;

    • Paragliding;

    • Enduro?


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    If you are interested in our concept, you can write us directly here: