To follow the evolution of your censuses!

What’s the point? You are looking for an application made for your activity and offering the recording and tracking of your data, SeeOnSeaExpert has been designed for you. You will be able to work in a marine or river environment on fauna, flora, pollution and many other aspects.

To whom is this service addressed? You represent a company or organization looking for a professional tool adapted to your business, easy to use and secure, SeeOnSeaExpert is for you!

What does this service bring you? It allows you to record data intuitively, at sea or back to shore, with a history, a follow-up, and to export them in the format you want according to your criteria.

SeeOnSeaExpert Force:

• Confidentiality and security of data;

• The guarantee of continuity of information;

• Functional adaptability to your needs;

• Adapting data export tools to specific formats.

The data is visible on the SeeOnSea card and directly accessible.

This data can be extracted in various file formats.

A photo validation process is planned.


Security: The data is immediately backed up in the cloud with the guarantee of its durability and security of access.

Easy to set up: A simple record at the service allows you to start using it.

Options: Options are provided to allow instant information retrieval such as: background type, currents, water temperature, air temperature, etc.

Accompaniment quality: Our team is specialized in the creation and maintenance of software. With over 30 years of experience, the quality of our service is our priority.


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