Inform your website visitors in real time about what is visible in your region!

What's that for? You offer your website's visitors to see “live” observations of your region.

Who can benefit from this service? You represent a company or an organization and you want to enrich your website by making it more lively for your visitors, SeeOnSeaView is for you!

What does this service offer? It allows you to have a «Live» that helps highlight your website, your region or your activity.

SeeOnSeaView Strength: It is unique, based on a global community and provides information on each observation.

Access to the Live: Click on the button, then on the different observations:

Security: The concept is simple and secure, the visitor to your website has a button to display the observations without even leaving your website.

Easy to set up: SeeOnSeaView integrates with your website with a plug-in (for WordPress sites) or with an embeddable code (for sites built otherwise).

Configurable: You have many parameters to filter the observations that your visitors will see (GPS coordinates, fauna, flora, natural events, remarkable sites, human footprint, sea and/or land, pollution).

Quality of support: Our team is specialized in the creation and maintenance of software. With over 30 years of experience, the quality of our service is our priority.